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Non-profit section 21 organisation

We work to rehabilitate and release 2 endangered species - The African Penguin and the Cape Gannet

The endangered African Penguin is the primary seabird that is rescued, rehabilitated and released at Saprec.  We receive Blues, Juveniles and Adult penguins throughout the year.

Adult and Juvenile Gannets are often found on the beaches, they are also taken to Saprec for rehabilitation and release along with Seagulls and cormorants. They are endangered.

Saprec has received 5 Giant Petrels to date, it is very rare to see a deep sea bird come to shore. We also eventually release these beautiful big birds.

Seabird in distress? 0823643382

Washing powder

Dish washing liquid

Pure citronella oil (not the one for lamps)

Peaceful sleep stick (not the spray)

Doom for mosquitoes

Kitchen gloves – small

Electrical tape

Cable ties medium length


Electric Insect killer

5kg boxes of Pilchards

Hose Pipe - 20m length


With grateful thanks

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