Meet Hiccup

More human than penguin

Born at the centre in 2017 and unable to put on weight Hiccup had to be hand reared! Our vets wife took one look at the tiny penguin and said "your name is Hiccup". Hiccup is the dearest penguin who loves loads of attention and cuddles. She does consider herself in better company with the humans!


Meet Jessie

A quiet little spirit

Jessie has been with us for 4 years.  As with all the birds, she came to us in poor condition - she had a chronic eye infection and the eye had to be surgically removed.  Despite this, Jessie, our quiet soul, has developed into a beautiful young adult and often has other young males around her! 


Meet Sandy

An inspiration to everyone she meets

Sandy is such an inspiration to everyone at the centre. She arrived with a severe spinal injury and was totally paralyzed. She received her name Sandy after spending many months propped up in the corner of her sandy pen. However this penguin decided that this was not going to be her lot in life. Everyday she moved a little more. She loved swimming as there she could be a normal penguin. A combination of the swimming and sheer tenacity of this penguin has shown results. She now moves slowly around the centre and enjoys being part of the action!


Meet Happy Feet

Little, loyal and loving

This adorable, petite lady came to the centre in very dire condition.  She had a long rehabilitation and by the time she was close to ready to go, she had fallen in love with Pops!  A bond had formed between the 2 and it just could not be broken - so she stayed at the centre.  Happy Feet and Pops are excellent parents and have had many chicks - all of which have been released back into nature.  Thank you Happy Feet for ensuring your species lives on!


Meet Pops

The oldest resident

Before Saprec was built in 2005 Pops arrived as a juvenile in 2004.  At that time SAPREC was still operating out of  Carol's garage. We have established that he is am impressive 15 years old and still full of life. We have watched him become an adult, find a mate (Happy Feet above) and have chicks. Pops is the oldest resident at the centre.


Meet the release birds

A busy gang

The release birds always add a huge amount of energy to the centre. Demanding attention, food and loads of cuddles they keep us busy. They go through the full rehabilitation process including swimming training in the pool to get them fit. They come in all shapes and sizes and stay with us for various reasons -  and some are really small and sweet.