• Nadine Clarke

Help keep the sea clean

Updated: Feb 25

Nadine Clarke, volunteer at SAPREC, writes:

SAPREC - the Seabird and Penguin Rehabilitation Centre - had a super turnout for a fundraising event hosted by the Cork and Plunger Restaurant.

The fundraiser was arranged by Keep Fin Alive and prizes were sponsored by White Shark Africa, Go Dive and the The Cork and Plunger. It was exciting to see how many stakeholders are involved in the conservation of our beautiful Mossel Bay and its marine resources.

Mossel Bay is situated on a breathtaking peninsula and is surrounded by abundant marine life. Protecting our natural assets is crucial for our local economy and for securing a healthy marine ecosystem for generations of future visitors and residents.

By supporting Keep Fin Alive - - you are giving a voice to insisting on plastic-free oceans.

Refusing single use plastics is a small step in changing our lifestyle to go completely green. Through the Keep Fin Alive initiative, the following Clean Ocean Companies in partnership with Mossel Bay Tourism, have pledged their support to keep our oceans healthy, by not offering plastic drinking straws or single use plastics: The Cork and Plunger, Moksa health bar and De Vette Mossel restaurant. Please support them in return. Clean Ocean Companies in Mossel Bay will have the Clean Ocean sign displayed at their entrance.

SAPREC has a challenging time helping the African penguin and other seabirds that have been affected by plastic pollution and overfishing. SAPREC has two feeding times a day, when one can go to have a firsthand experience, watching the penguins as well as gaining insight into the problems as well as solutions regarding their status.

Call SAPREC (082 364 3382) to book a viewing slot for 09:00 or 14:00 each day. The cost is R40 per adult and R20 per child. For further information regarding SAPREC, please visit