WHAT WE DO - Rehabilitate & Release 

African Penguins -

why they come to us

From Oil Spills and ships

Oiled Penguin

When the moult has stopped ​​

Arrested Moult

Includes Juvenile to Adult moult

Annual Moult

Includes eye, feet or beak infections​ 

Wounds & Bites

Called "Blues" - left colony early (thin)

Young Penguins

From avian malaria to tick bite fever 


Seagulls, Comorants, Gannets, Petrels, oyster catchers - why they come to us

From oil spills and ships

Oiled gulls

Called Botulism - affects seagulls

Food Poisoning

To wings, feet and beaks


Left parents young, weak

Young seabirds
Depending on which of the above a seabird has and following a vet diagnosis
Rehabilitation includes:
** Administration of medicine and electrolytes
** Regular, monitored feeding
** Fitness and waterproofing
** Sociability

Oiled Penguin Rehab process

Seagull with Food poisoning - process

Injured Penguin Rehab process

Juvenile Cape Gannet Rehab process